“Door Gods” – Ancient Chinese Myths And Legends

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David Wu and Simone

A fierce and ambitious warrior named Qin Shubo was renowned as one of 24 heroes establishing the glorious golden age of China— the Tang Dynasty.

Even as a young soldier Qin came to the attention of the military general and he was highly impressed by the young man’s fierceness in battle and especially his integrity in service.

Qin was soon promoted as a commander of a small squad.

Once, the military general’s army was confronted by rebellious forces five times larger than his army.

To win the battle, the military general set a trap with a false retreat. He planned to launch a fierce surprise attack on the enemy’s base when the major rebel troops were going to be lured out to chase.

Facing the critical and dangerous task of leading the elite team, Qin was the only one of the only two volunteers who stepped forward to lead the squad of 2,000 men.

Qin’s team took over the enemy’s base with his team and destroyed it after bloody and fierce fighting.

The rebellious forces suffered a fatal defeat.

Qin went on to fight and win many battles. After the death of his military general he served under General Li Mi and was put in charge of his guard corps of 8,000 men.

The General stated, “These 8,000 men are capable of standing up against a million men.”

One day Li Mi was hit by an arrow and fell off his horse, the other guards were not around, and only Qin defended and saved him. Qin then further fought Yuwen’s troops, forcing them to withdraw back to camp. After a number of battles, Yuwen could not defeat Li Mi, and therefore left the area and crossed the Yellow River north.

After the death of Emperor Zhang and during the rule of Emperor Gaozu, Qin was such a fierce and ambitious warrior he completely annihilated the Emperors enemies.

Emperor Gaozu sent a messenger to award Qin a golden bottle, stating to him: You disregarded your wife and children to follow me, and you have accomplished great things. If my flesh can be beneficial to you, I would be willing to cut it off for you, and I will spare no servants, jade, or silk. Be encouraged.

Tang Dynasty army

Qin joined the glorious army of Tang and served as the favorite military spearhead of Prince Li Shimin who became the emperor of Taizong of Tang dynasty.

Another famous story made the rounds about Qin’s “supernatural powers.”

It is said that the emperor Taizong was haunted by the ghosts of war.

Qin and another warrior volunteered to guard the gates at night to “scare the ghosts away.” Fortunately, the emperor slept soundly every night.

Guardian Gods

The emperor ordered a renowned painter to make the portraits of the two warriors guarding the palace gates. Thus, they came to be known as “Guardian Gods.”/ “Door Gods.”

Qin fell seriously sick not long was anointed with the highest honor as military general in chief of Tang.

Qin calmly accepted his fate and said, “I spent my whole life in military service fighting over 200 battles.

“How could I not to be sick with so many injuries on my body?”

After his death, in 638, emperor Taizong commissioned a statue of him on horse as recognition of his outstanding and commendable military feats.

Qin Shubao continues to be venerated as a “door god” in Chinese folk legend.

In modern times a PC game was created from the Romance of the Three Kingdoms Xi by Koei His formal name “Qin Qiong” is used in the game.


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