Kalimba Instrument – Good vibes and therapy

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The Kalimba, or “thumb piano” is a music therapy instrument derived from the African musical instrument called mbira. The origin goes back roughly 3,000 years ago to the west coast of Africa, made from wood or bamboo classed as a lamellophone. The name Kalimba is a Bantu word which means “little music”. Please watch the video below to experience the sound.

The Kalimba’s seen in this video are hand made with artisan craftsmanship, with engraved symbolic ornaments and Sanskrit words on the metal keys and wood. The creator of the Kalimba’s in the video here is Riccardo Turacchio. He describes them as “therapy instrument’s” and makes them in the form of a necklace, so that the vibrational magic is always close by you. Any time the owner feels inspired to play, it is close to heart, and is an alternative to checking your smartphone when waiting for the metro or bus.

Currently the maker of these Kalimba’s does not use any precious wood, but has plans to start making out of Spruce, Mahogany, Tamarind, Mango, Acacia, Paulownia, and Palisander on request. For the Keys he uses scrap metal found that has a special source of luck. The piece of a metal brush from the street sweeper that falls off the machine, and is quite rare to find. However, has proven to be the correct type of steel that has a certain ringing and resonating effect and result when tuned.

The artisan does not use any linear, pentatonic, or tribal scale to tune, he uses a by ear technique to whatever sounds good. This has produced a unique quality to each individual piece he creates. The maker utilizes some secret methods and tricks that he would not share, on how he gets them to resonate to his expectations. One thing he did disclose about the creation process was that the mini size is 6” x 9” and all the numbers involved are 3, 6, 9 or multiples of these numbers from the tesla formula. These miniature versions are different from all other varieties currently on the market, much more simple and unique, with plans to make medium and large versions soon. All inquiries can be sent to the craftsman Riccardo Turacchio at the email address tokyomatik80@yahoo.com

*Unionpeace.org has no affiliation with the creator of these instruments. Please send all inquiries to the address above for all questions regarding sale or distribution. Thank you.

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