China Treats Africans like Dirt and Accuses them of Spreading CCP Virus

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Gatundu South Member of Kenya’s Parliament, Moses Kuria, lashed out at China following reports of Africans being accused of spreading the virus and afterward being evicted from their premises. First-hand information has revealed, “The Chinese government don’t like black people and treat them like dirt.”

According to Standardmedia a number of Kenyans living in China shared videos online saying they had been ordered out of their apartments. They were blamed for spreading Coronavirus in the Asian country.  Circulars seen by the media advised Chinese nationals not to admit any Africans into some of their premises.

Moses Kuria. Photo: Facebook

Kuria spoke about what appeared to be the profiling of African students in the Chinese city of Guangzhou.

African students have complained they have been subjected to unfair Covid19 tests as authorities have accused them of spreading the virus.

Kuria condemned the incident but noted that he was unable to call for a protest because of the debt Kenya owes China.

In Guangzhou, China, the birthplace of COVID-19, they are now blaming Africans for the spread of the Corona Virus. Southern Medical University is even carrying out selective testing of African students only! Ningesema Tuzushe then i remembered zile madeni. Anyway this is not fair,”

A Kenyan woman living in China said she was refused access to board a train to Wuhan because of her skin color. “They did not want me to enter the subway. I had even bought my ticket…they stopped me and told me no foreigner will be allowed inside. Online, netizens joined forces to condemn the act. “I had to comply,” she said.

Kuria said it was a disgrace that the Chinese blamed Africans, adding that they must also leave Kenya immediately. 

“It is only fair that all Chinese nationals leave the country with immediate effect. 

“How do you blame Africans for a virus you manufactured in a Wuhan laboratory? Go back home. Hata madeni hatutalipa,” he wrote.

Kuria’s sentiments were echoed by Narok Senator Ledama OleKina who said Africans are not children of a lesser God.

“Africa must unite against the coronavirus-fueled xenophobia in China. Yes, we are corrupt, broke but we are not children of a lesser God and neither are we stupid!” he stated.

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