CCP Regime Abandons“National Civilized Community” Epicenter of COVID-19 Outbreak

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Once a model city of a modern-day community in China, Baibuting, in Wuhan, the epicenter of the COVID-19 epidemic, is in chaos. The city has been totally abandoned by the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) officials.

It was already known in Dec. 2019 that the virus might spread via human to human transmission. Yet, Baibuting residents were expected to attend an annual feast on January 18, 2020. Over 40,000 families prepared a total of 14,000 dishes to share. However, just a few days afterward, many in the community began to exhibit symptoms of the virus infection. On Jan. 23, the city of Wuhan was completely locked down. 

Furthermore, on January 20, the day when the human-to-human transmission was officially admitted, the Office for Culture and Tourism in Wuhan planned a large-scale city tour for the New Year, for which 200,000 free tickets were to be given away online.

The Wuhan government organized these group activities and tried to create an illusion of security to deceive people. ”

(Tang Jingyuan, USA, commentator)

To keep the number of reported cases of COVID-19 low, officials abandoned the city of Baibuting. On a blogging site, a netizen wrote, “I am a resident of Baibuting Garden in Wuhan. I write this in despair. At present, Baibuting Garden is in an unmanned situation, with no one in charge. Many people are infected with this virus. But the leaders in Wuhan gave us only one testing kit per day per grid, to serve around 4,000 families.” The post was deleted.

A “National Civilized Community”

Located in the Jiang’an District of Wuhan, Baibuting covers an area of 4 square kilometers (about 1.5 square miles) and is home to about 180,000 residents. Baibuting has a Party Committee under the direct control of the Jiang’an District Party Committee, along with 15 Party sub-committees, and 9 neighborhood committees.

The beautiful city of Baibuting has received over 50 national awards, including one for “National Civilized Community.” It’s been praised for having epitomized modern Chinese society and for showcasing Wuhan.

Four central government agencies, including the Publicity Department of the CCP, the Office of the Central Committee for the Construction of Spiritual Civilization, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Ministry of Culture, once issued a joint statement promoting the Baibuting community to the rest of the country.

Hubei Province and Wuhan City authorities followed suit to further market the community. Other provinces organized tours to Baibuting to learn how to build similar communities.

A “Must-Attend” Banquet

Baibuting has hosted an annual wanjiayan (10,000-family feast) around the Chinese New Year for the past 20 years. It’s become a branding event for the community and a convenient propaganda tool for the government. 

Grand feast

A 2020 feast was held on January 18, one week before the Chinese New Year. The 14,000 dishes were prepared by 40,000 families, and residents were assigned to either the main venue or one of the nine sub-venues.

According to social media posts, many of the dishes had messages attached to praises for the CCP. “Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of China” was iced on some cakes.

A volunteer working at the event revealed that he and some community staff members received insider news that Wuhan was to be locked down, but they were also told the feast had to continue.

One resident in Baibuting wrote on social media that she tried three times to get out of attending the banquet but to no avail. Her mother had cooked three dishes for the event.

Out-of-Control Spread of the Virus

Shortly after the feast, incidents of fever were reported in Baibuting. Caixin reported on February 5 that more than a dozen suspected cases and two confirmed cases were found in Baibuting as early as February 1. On February 7, the BBC reported that there were residents with coronavirus symptoms in at least 50 buildings.

One neighborhood committee staff member said they had heard about the virus in early January. After being notified on January 15 that the disease could spread from person-to-person, he and others suggested canceling the banquet. But their request was denied.

He said that as of February 4, there were 42 patients under the jurisdiction of his neighborhood committee who had yet to be hospitalized, but, “This number does not include the seven who have been quarantined, the three hospitalized, or the three who have died. And there could be many who are ill that we are unaware of.”

Abandoned Community

The CCP has been actively covering up COVID-19 ever since it broke out. Eight physicians were punished by the Wuhan police on January 1 for alerting others about the escalating epidemic. One of them, Dr. Li Wenliang from Wuhan Central Hospital, was later infected and died of the virus on February 6, 2020.

Baibuting residents obeyed the order to attend the annual feast, only to fall victim to the epidemic and then got no help from the government.

A Wuhan resident surnamed Zhang wrote on social media: “Officials have deserted Baibuting, fearing that reporting high numbers of infections could cost them their jobs.” He also said that only one test kit per day was given to each subdivision of about 4,000 families, which means only one confirmed case is allowed to be reported per day for each subdivision.

Cry for help on the Internet: sick, dead and cover-up

A Baituting resident using the pseudonym “Wild child Hanniblo” said in a February 9 post on Sina Weibo (a Chinese microblogging website), According to Chinese-language EPOCH TIMES (“DaJiYuan”) reports“A large number of suspected cases with fever are still at home. Some critically ill patients are running around looking for help. We’ve heard that the authorities in Wuhan have given up on Baibuting for fear of being fired from their posts. People on Houhu Street next to us are receiving supplies and other support, but nothing has been given to the Baibuting community. The residents here are desperate.”

Relevant leaders in Wuhan are trying to cover up the truth that many people in Baibuting are infected with the virus. ”

In desperation, the residents of the community still hope for the help of the central government, do not recognize the error in the system, but only in the local district government: “We in Baibuting are desperate and hope that the central government knows the current situation of Baibuting and our residents rescues.”

After the publication of the article, it was read more than 29 million times and widely distributed at home and abroad, 100,000 times on “Sina Weibo” alone, before it was deleted by the authorities after just one day. The writer of the post said in a reply to an internet user who had shown concern that he had called the mayor’s hotline and also the case on the State Council platform to collect clues and information to control and prevent the lung disease from spreading had reported.

Call for help from Baibuting, a municipality in the city of Wuhan reproduced on Twitter.

“This is the price we pay for believing the CCP,” wrote another internet user, Chen Jue.

Mr. Li, an observer of the Wuhan epidemic, told Chinese EPOCH TIMES that the Baibuting community in Wuhan was worst affected and the collective outbreak was related to the banquet. Over 70 percent of the residents are infected. The entire residential area is now completely sealed off.

How can you do that? There are dozens of floors in one unit, two or four families in one floor and dozens in one building. In the residential areas of Anjuyuan and Lily Garden, all residents are infected in two whole buildings. That’s over 100 families. “

In other buildings, all households are completely infected in one unit or in two units. If you count two people in one household, there are already several thousand people: “Where are there so many hospitals?”

But these are only two residential areas.

Strategy: “maintain stability”

According to Li, more than 10,000 medical workers came to Wuhan, and a total of 170,000 are now in the city. However, more than 10,000 of them are also infected and need to be replaced. And those who had been working around the clock for two to three weeks should also have a break. There is a great shortage of staff.

Wuhan was cordoned off on January 23. When Mr. Li spoke to EPOCH TIMES (on February 10th), after 19 days, the city was “still in a period of high incidence”. It is not the 14-day high incidence period, as many experts would say. These 14 days have passed. They are all “pseudo-experts” and the incubation period now seems to be longer, Li said.

There are too many deaths now and the government has put “Weiwen” (“maintaining stability”) in the first place.

Even under the current condition, it is still hidden and covered up. At the moment it is almost impossible to get genuine information about the Facheng hospital. I suspect that the patients had to hand in their cell phones. “

The real information could not be sent at all. Otherwise, they would always leak through to families and friends. Nothing can be heard now: “Very strange.”

Now the government is putting stability first, and the Ministry of Public Security said maintaining stability is a top priority. ”

An Internet user with the name “点名 没 到 的 举手 “ sums up:” You have obviously made big mistakes and are now trying to hide it instead of correcting it. The more it is hidden, the more anger people have. The more it is hidden, the more people will die from it. “

One Thought Makes All the Difference

While Baibuting residents and many others are hoping for a quick cure for the coronavirus, spiritual aid in the form of uplifting people with positive thought is been freely shared by the highly persecuted group called Falun Dafa. The group takes gentle exercises and striving to be kind as their guide to a happy healthy life. They have been encouraging people to rely on the principles of truthfulness compassion and tolerance and to engage in a healthy lifestyle. They urge people to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations, as the Regime is unreasonable and unrelenting towards spirituality, killing its adherents and destroying sacred buildings and monuments. There are many cases of people being cured of COVID-19 just by sincerely reciting, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

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