Beautiful People Join Celebrations In 75th Anniversary Of A Historic City

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August 10 and 11, 2019, was the 867th anniversary of the historic city of Kostroma, and the 75th anniversary of the Kostroma Regio, Russia. Local tradition calls for a morning parade with various groups from local businesses, educational and cultural institutions, and schools.

Golden Ring of Russia Kostroma City

A group of people who follow an ancient practice that cultivates mind and body combining authentic Chinese principles, True, Good, Endure were invited to grace the public with their presence.

Gracing the streets of the beautiful city of Kostromo

The morning started off on a joyful note when the procession featuring graceful ladies dressed in fairy garments, a gentle exercise demonstration team, a celebratory waist drum team.

To put the cherry on the top, an exciting dragon and lion dance team that delighted the crowd no end, bringing smiles and laughter all round.

What a funny, friendly lion!

When the parade reached its destination, Susaninskaya Square, each group gave a presentation before a panel of judges. They were surprised to win 1st place!

Performing on the stage at the Kostroma senior citizen center

The afternoon of the event, practitioners introduced Falun Dafa to the people at the Senior Center in Kostroma.

They presented a demonstration of the exercises, an introduction on the background of the practice, and a Chinese cultural performance.

Learning to meditate with a calm mind and heart

One lady named from Moscow said that she saw a beautiful scene when she practiced, “I saw grasslands, mountains, a flowing river, and all was serene. I was very comfortable in that moment.”

Paper Lotuses

Ten tables were set up to show people how to make the small folded paper lotus flowers, a symbol of purity and resilience.

The practitioners told people about China’s regime and the persecution of people who are spiritual, especially Falun Dafa practitioners.

They stressed the seriousness of mass live organ harvesting to the adults.

Many people expressed their inner sympathy.

Some people asked why the media doesn’t report more on these crimes against humanity.

People kindly promised to spread the word in the light of their beautiful representation of who they are that day and hoped more people would learn that Falun Dafa people are good and kind.

Many expressed their hopes for a brighter future and the liberation of China.


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