Special World Music With Chinese Elements For World Peace

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She sings for humanity and for the end of the persecution of the peaceful Falun Gong meditation group A Chinese musician named iuni, cares about the five elements of harmony in her world music. She just performed in Paris on April 22, 2016 and the audience enjoyed the extraordinary music very much.

The first song shares a story of around 1000 years ago in the Tang Dynasty, where Master Zhang Guolao reached enlightenment. After reaching enlightenment he often rode his donkey backward. He saw that humankind thinks its pursuit for money and power and its dependence on machines or science, is progressing forward, in his eyes though they were actually lost and have forgotten who they were, which is backward, so he turned and rode the donkey backward.

The song reminds us and helps us to realize that we are not evolving upward, but rather falling downward. But we can wake up, change our attitude inside and each of us can be the change of our future The audience listened intently and was thankful for the great spiritual and cultural sharing.

The last song was about what happened with the peaceful cultivation practice from China. Tons of rumor and propaganda create by CCP, as excuse to kill people, so far more then 2,000,000 people die by organ harvesting.

“In 1999, in the land of the East, the virtuous and kind are slandered as evil. Since that time, countless good people continuously met with the government, just to clarify the truth—-Falun Dafa the ancient Buddha Fa, is Good Truth, Compassion, Tolerance is Good Some people never came back, having died or disappeared……”

The crowd listened quietly with shock about the information. The audience gave a big round of applause at the end.

music from iuni wu:


Iuni Wu: listen to my music in my spirit temple, feel the soul, touch deeply with heart, receive the love from the universe, enjoy true happiness its healing and share it

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