Apple continues to comply with the CCP by handing private information to the Tencent company in China

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Previously, it has been known that major U.S. companies give in to Chinese demands and Apple has been put in the spotlight again. To appease the Chinese government, they have already agreed to hide the Taiwan emoji flag; not heeding US lawmakers, they also have banned a Hong Kong protest safety app.

Now, it’s been discovered that they may have sent some IP addresses from their Safari browser to the Chinese company, Tencent, who has close ties to the Chinese Communistic Party (CCP). It’s believed to be in use as early as February of this year 2019, and what it does is that through the surfing of the internet, there are options in the settings of an Apple user; in terms of the phone and iPad, it coerces users to use the safety net of being monitored by companies such as Tencent, to provide safer use of the internet through Safari. 

However, the problem lies with Tencent being involved with the CCP. Most importantly besides developing video games for the so called patriotic Communistic regime, they are involved in the government censorship of China through its multi-purpose app, WeChat.

There are other examples of how Apple and Blizzard have cowered to China and took some wrongful, meager actions against apps and video game players. This comes at a worrying time when there is much tension in Hong Kong where China is being accused of police violence, which are being used against pro-democracy protestors.

IP addresses show who a user is and profiles users. Across Tencent’s services, they can search a user by knowing the IP address.

Apple even claims on its privacy page: “ At Apple, we believe privacy is a fundamental right.” Just last month, Apple dismisses China’s involvement and their human rights violations in one of the biggest iPhone hacks. Not only that, but they also banned Chinese language podcasts and removed a Chinese artist’s song from Apple Music by the demand of the Chinese government.

If you would like more details or want to know about how to disable the settings of being monitored by companies like Tencent, please click on this article: 

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