Anderson’s “The Snow Queen” – A children’s fairytale for grown-ups

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There is a fairy tale called The Snow Queen by the famous author Danish author Hans Christian Anderson. According to a Russian citizen, the version they have in the Soviet Union had all the religious elements and quotes removed because the communist government censored it.

The story centers on the struggle between good and evil as experienced by Gerda and her friend, Kai.

Legend tells of an evil troll that made a magic mirror with the purpose of distorting the truth to make fools of the angels and God by turning good into evil.



The mirror is taken to the Devil’s followers and together they attempt to carry the mirror to heaven to carry out their evil plot.

The mirror starts to reel with diabolical laughter the higher it goes but suddenly, it slips and falls back to earth and shatters into billion pieces.

The Snow Queen

The shards fly across the world and get into people’s eyes freezing their hearts and distorting their vision.

 Kai and Gerda were the best of friends. They used to play on a small rooftop garden amongst the roses growing in the window boxes. One day the world became colder and colder and longer and longer and before long was like an eternal winter.

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A shard from the wicked mirror flew into Kai’s eyes. He started treating Gerda and her grandmother cruelly.  He no longer cared for anything or anybody. Only the snowflakes were beautiful to him.

Kai fell for the Snow Queen ruler over the “snow bees”(snowflakes). She took him away to her on her sleigh to her castle.

Heartbroken, Gerda went to search for Kai.

On the way, she meets with different challenges but also gets help.

Gerda is also told that her greatest weapon is her pure child’s heart.

After a long search, Gerda arrives at the Snow Queen’s palace.

She finds Kai, but he pushes her away with his cold eyes … he simply does not recognize her.  Gerda sheds hot tears of sorrow for Kai. The shard in  Kai’s his eyes melts, and he finally awakens and recognizes her.

Together they cry tears of joy and hug. They return home together, and notice that they’ve both grown up, winter was over and the roses were blooming brightly.

According to the Russian lady who is a Falun Gong practitioner personal insight into the tale, The Snow Queen like the  Chinese Communist Party. The broken pieces of the mirror are possessing spirits of the wicked Party. It distorts reality, blinds people to the truth, turns their hearts to ice and makes them forget their true purpose in life by confusing good and evil.

According to Falun Gong, an ancient  Chinese practice for mind and body consisting of 5 gentle exercises and meditation.was founded by Mr, Li Hongzhi.

Falun Dafa woman

Cultivators base their practice is on the universal principles of Truth, Compassion, and Tolerance.


Jiang Zemin

Jiang Zemin, the former primer of the CCP was driven by jealousy and proceeded to try and eradicate Falun Gong which started in 1999.  The persecution of its adherents has escalated into a full-blown genocide of its own people, harvesting organs from live practitioners. Using propaganda to spread its evil lies about Falun Dafa it brainwashing its citizens.

Up until today the CCP still refuses to stop the senseless persecution of good people while trying to hide it from the world.

Kai represents all the people of the world who are deceived by the Communist ideology.

Gerda represents Dafa disciples and righteous cultivators, who must maintain righteous thoughts, determination, and pure compassionate hearts in order to melt the spell of the demon.


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