After Only 5 Days Rest the 4th Medical Support Team from Guangxi Province Returns to Wuhan on Mar 14 to Battle COVID- 19

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It’s understood that Batch 4 of Guangxi Support Hubei Anti-epidemic medical team set off from Nanning on February 15 to assist Wuhan, Hubei, stationed in the Zhuankou Fangcai Hospital.

On March 8th, the doors of the Zhuankou Fangcai Hospital closed and the exhausted team took a break.

After a 5 day rest, the team returned with an oath. The 104 members of the team solemnly renewed their efforts and voluntarily continued to fight side by side with the people of Wuhan, contributing Guangxi’s strength to win this battle against epidemics

According to an official document published by New on March 12, a letter of application with the team’s fingerprints in red was sent to the Medical Treatment Unit of the Joint Prevention and Control Mechanism of the State Council.

On March 13th, another task force was sent from the State Administration of Health and Medical Affairs, Medical Administration, and Hospital Administration to support the Western Hospital of Wuhan Union Medical College.

Guangxi’s Batch 4 consisting of 104 members and supporting the Hubei Anti-epidemic Medical Team regrouped and returned to the front line of anti-epidemic support to Wuhan Concord.

The west wing of the hospital is assigned to patients critically ill, fever clinics and other departments aiding in treatments.

On March 14th, the medical team arrived at the West Hospital of Wuhan Union Medical College for work handover, and began training, quickly entering full-time employment. Guangxi Medical University First Affiliated Hospital Deputy Chief physician Hu Jiechi is the leader of the team of doctors stationed in the isolation ward on the 14th floor of the West Hospital of Wuhan Union Medical College. Chief physician Wei Xuan of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine heads the COVID-19 ward on the 6th floor. In fact, the members of the Guangxi medical team returned to the front line earlier. On March 7, the National Health and Health Commission dispatched six intensive care team members from Batch 4 of Guangxi Support Hubei medical team to assist the team of Academician Zhong Nanshan of the Western Hospital of Wuhan Union Medical College.

One netizen replied to Jenniferatntd’s twitter status saying; “I noticed a Livestream today that they were sending 170 medics to Wuhan again… does that mean the virus is still not under control in Wuhan? seems a little much if the messages are, only “25” new cases or so …/”

And from ChinaDailyNews: “It’s next to impossible to know what is really happening in China right now, but this is more evidence that the virus is still not contained in Wuhan, and there may be a rebound in cases. OTOH, a friend in Kunming texted me and said there have been no new cases there in 20 days. But whether or not real numbers are being reported in Kunming, I have no idea. Given the CCP’s propensity for fabricating evidence for whatever story they want to be true, I take it with a grain of salt.”

Another one replied to the feed saying “CCP always lies. Believe nothing except “unrestricted warfare.”

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