A Kinder Way to Say Goodbye: no Flames just Water

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Say goodbye to loved ones with a green alternative as opposed to the old flame-based cremation methods. By combining heat with a high alkaline water level, 20-30% more ash remains may be saved.

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In the Aquamation process, 90% of energy is conserved. Alkaline hydrolysis or Aquamation involves placing the corpse in a stainless steel container and then using heat, (never boiling) pressure, and water to reduce the body to its basic elements.

After the process, what’s left in the container is a harmless liquid. The water is disposed of through the municipal wastewater system.

The remaining bone minerals are processed into a fine powdery substance. The remains are 100% safe, pathogen and disease-free. The ash that is returned to the family is simply bone mineral or calcium phosphate. The ashes will keep in an urn or may be buried or scattered in a special place as some families choose to do. 

We are born out of the water, and our bodies are on average 65% water.  With Aquamation, we return to the earth as a pure part of the cycle of life, our elements reabsorbed as nature intended.

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