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What is the meaning behind the song “The Moon Represents My Heart”?

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One of China’s most well-known love songs called “The Moon Represents My Heart” is still one of the most beautiful songs of all time. 

People mostly think of the moon as being not particularly special.  The Chinese, however, have always  regarded the moon is much more than just “a moon.”

The moon in Eastern culture is as important in value as the sun in Western culture.

Western culture uses the sun to tell time, while the Chinese use the moon (without which there will be no Lunar New Year).  Everything revolves around Time as it were. Therefore, Time could be considered a ” divine being” or a “god” in both cultures.

The Moon Represents My Heart uses everyday language and has a simple melody — anyone can learn it. It’s like the moon — it is universal. But what does it mean?

Everyone knows how feelings can be fleeting. To sing the play or sing the song for one’s date on a moonless night is in not exactly romantic in fact it would look quite weird. So what’s the mystery?

Of course! Even when the moon is not visible. one knows it’s still there. One doesn’t have to see it with one’s eyes to know that its there.

Firstly, the moon is comforting for all beings from the small to the great, from the highest to the lowest.

The moon peeping through the bedroom window at night is like a parent saying goodnight to the children.

From candlelight dinners and moonlight walks — the moon is mysterious indeed. It rises and it sets. From being full to half to crescent, followed by several moonless nights and then magically it appears again.

From being a thin slither it grows to the half-moon, and finally becomes full again!

Just like love it changes and can’t always be seen but its there somewhere. Like love the moon is cyclical, it always comes back and love, like the moon, has many appearances. But its always the moon. Even if it’s light reflects in different ways for everyone, a full moon will always return.

The Moon Represents My Heart 

English Translation

You ask me how deep my love for you is,
How much I really love you…
My affection is real.
My love is real.
The moon represents my heart.

You ask me how deep my love for you is,
How much I really love you…
My affection does not waver,
My love will not change.
The moon represents my heart.

* Just one soft kiss
is enough to move my heart.
A period of time when our affection was deep,
Has made me miss you until now.

* You ask me how deep my love for you is,
How much I really love you.

* ** Go think about it.
Go and have a look [at the moon],
The moon represents my heart.

Repeat *

Repeat **

Listen to the beautiful moon melody sung by Teresa Teng in the video below



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