9 Magical Words that will Bring you Longevity and Good Fortune

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COVID-19 is very contagious. When SARS happened in 2003 Western medicine considered it to have been caused by a crown-shaped virus. Since no available medicine can treat the COVID-19 coronavirus and no vaccine has been developed, the only method to prevent it is a complete quarantine of the infected people and rigorous sterilization.

Learning to meditate

Although physical exercises, better nutrition, peptide injections, and some hormone injections can boost the function of the body’s immune system, all of the preventive measures cannot guarantee complete immunization from infection.

Chinese medicine considers illness to be caused by unhealthy and poisonous environmental factors. The patient is seized by the unhealthy factors. Because of a weak physical system, his positive energy fails to resist the invasion by pathogenic factors. The treatment would be case-dependent. The simplest treatment and preventive method would be taking Chinese herbal medicines with detoxifying properties.

Falun Dafa Lotus

People who practice spirituality consider illness and misfortune to be caused by having committed bad deeds or “sins.” In the East, they call it “karma.” Chinese medicine says illness is caused by unhealthy environmental factors or pathogenic (ill) chi and Western medicine states illness is caused by viruses and bacteria.

According to the ancient medical doctors and the sages who cultivated longevity, a tranquil and unburdened mind was known to enhance the positive or healthy chi energy resulting in the balance of the internal organs. This inner harmony of the senses and all the organs keep unhealthy factors from invading the body. This, they claimed is the key to a long and healthy life.

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No infectious diseases can infect the people who come into contact with them; and not every infected person dies. Western medicine recognizes that different people have different resistance to disease.

When viewed from the perspective of cause and effect, and of repaying debts according to one’s karma, spiritual people believe that each individual’s fortune and misfortune are not simply accidental. Everything happens for a reason.

In human history, people who had accomplishments in spirituality directly perceived these cause-and-effect relationships and the prophets and sages also benevolently taught people these relationships.

These relationships have also been proven over thousands of years of human history. People who are spiritual believers consider that the key to resolving the fundamental puzzles of human life is found in the issue of uprightness.

People who love and follow the true way follow the way of morality. They will not do bad things to hurt others which creates sinful karma for themselves. They will not lose virtue; so they will naturally have long lives filled with happiness and good fortune.

Falun Dafa meditation

As a matter of fact, the most direct, simplest and the most fundamental method to follow the way of nature and to cultivate high moral character is to follow the qualities of the universe.

If a person can follow the nature of the universe, he will not go against nature. It will be easy for him to achieve physical health and obtain happiness and good fortune, quite freely.

Vancouver 2018 Parade of Falun Dafa

The building blocks of the universe have an inherent nature as well as a form and that is, “Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance.”

To understand life from this perspective helps one realize why practicing the ancient Chinese qigong practice called Falun Gong can improve health and elevate one’s virtuous character.

Actually, it has already been proven through social surveys and scientific experiments that practicing Falun Gong has miraculous effects on improving physical health and longevity.

That is why people who practice this free and easy learn system of character enhancement, called Falun Gong will not panic because of COVID-19.

In fact, many people have recovered from reciting the words with a sincere heart; Falun Gong is Good. Truthfulness, Compassion Tolerance is Good.

If you don’t believe me just try it!

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