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Ancient Legends and Life-Saving Verses


Down through all the ages and poets, artists and musicians have left us a well of pure wisdom for everyone to freely draw from. All we need to do is come together as a family would.

To drink the pure water that’s found in the beautiful tales as we face unprecedented ordeals in today’s modern world, nothing is more refreshing and uplifting to our weary souls than taking a cue from great legends and the people who had a part in creating them.

The Monkey King

Journey to the West is one of the most popular legends in Chinese folklore. This colorful tale is about a Monkey King who caused big trouble in the sacred heavenly realms. The Monkey King had acquired a lot of supernatural powers over an extended period of time which made him keen to show them off. One Buddha heard about the Monkey King’s antics and in order to teach him a lesson, he kept the Monkey King deep inside a mountain for 500 heavenly years with only a paper talisman.

Monkey King/Shen Yun Divine performing arts. Photo; Epoch Times

One day, the well-known Monk Tang was given a mission to go to India and fetch Sakyamuni’s scriptures. As he passed by the mountain, the Monkey King came up with a brilliant idea. He said to Monk Tang that in exchange for his own release, he would help and protect him. With that offer, the paper talisman was removed and Monkey King was set free.

The Monkey King protected Monk Tang all the way to India despite many life and death tests.

No matter what we have achieved in the world, our gifts are to be used in the service of others. And that is what makes us truly supernatural beings.

Exodus and Passover

In Exodus, when the ancient Hebrews were enslaved in Egypt and their cries for freedom were denied by the Pharaoh, their God demonstrated His power by sending Ten Plagues. Still, the Pharaoh refused to let the Hebrews go.

In the tenth and final plague, God told the Jews to mark their doors with the “blood of a lamb” as a sign for the Angel of Death to “Passover” them. The doors of those that were not marked, had their firstborns struck down overnight.

Moses Photo: Catholic media

It’s about faith and justice. Blessed are the true believers!

Life-Saving Verses

In the old -times people were more in-tune with nature and they could see the divine in many things. According to history, giants walked the earth and Angles often appeared to people under special circumstances. Plagues were believed to target beings who have done wrong over many lifetimes (according to Eastern mythology) and some beings consistently do wrong. In the Roman Empire or as described in the Old Testament historical records showed that plagues miraculously disappeared after people repented their wrongdoings.

Tranquility Photo: ibelieve

There are many chants and mantras one can chant, these days not forgetting how powerful prayer is. There another beautiful story of a man who survived the coronavirus epidemic by reciting some special words. The words belong to an ancient Chinese meditation system called “The Law Wheel Great Way.” or Falun Dafa. The principles of the teachings say that is that all beings are born good and that the nature of all of creation is true, and good and endures. That is its power. It’s very simple and pure. Just like a lotus flower. By reciting these 9 magic words from the bottom of the heart; “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” a balance of mind and body will be achieved and illness will naturally fade away. There are many stories like this one. Falun Dafa has been in the world for over 20 years, has over 100 million practitioners worldwide and has won many awards and prizes.

As the persecution enters its 20th year, Falun Gong practitioners are continuing their efforts to expose the CCP’s brutality against its citizens and spread the goodness of Falun Gong.

Falun Dafa is Good

We hope that many more people will benefit by reciting “Falun Dafa is Good” and “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is Good.”

We trust the verses will bring blessings and miracles to those who may believe in them.

Chinese version available

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