A story about Oni no Hanzo

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A story about Oni no Hanzo

This story is about Hattori Hanzo, a well known hero and samurai of Japan, also known as Oni no Hanzo. He fought in the service of Tokugawa Yeiasu, the Shogun who conquered Japan after the Warring Period. Hattori is still respected for his strength and wisdom.

The most important deed of bravery of Oni No Hanzo happened in the conflict against the armies of Oda Nobunaga, when he saved in the middle of fight the life of Tokugawa Nobuyashu, the son of the Shogun.

After the end of war, at the peace negotiating treaty, when Oda Nobunaga asked Tokugawa Nobuyashu to kill his own son, Nobuyashu, who the Tokugawa Shogun saw not brave enough, Hattori no Hanzo intervened.

Along his courage, Oni No Hanzo, showed his Wisdom. When the Tokugawa Shogun wanted to force Nobuyashu in to making seppuku, Hattori showed kindnes asking for the benevolence of his Shogun saying: ”Even demons cry sometimes sometimes”.

Hattori was also a Tai Chi Chuan practitioner and the Daymio of Koga and Iga, the regions of Shinobi. He mastered four types of weapons: katana, wakizashi, halberd and bow and respected Bushido codes.

After the war for Shogunate in Japan, Tokugawa clan won, Koga and Iga were recognized and Hattori no Hanzo was rewarded with a gate in Kyoto.

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