So You Want to Get Into Shape? Workout and Exercise Guide

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So you wish to have a better physique and be in tip-top shape? But how do you get there, to a state you are satisfied with? Traditional workouts seem so boring, can be ineffective and time-consuming, and have failed to work for you in the past. Fret not, have no fear, and rest assured, there is a simple and effective way to shed unwanted body fat, build muscle, and exercise in a way that works out for you.

There are many different types of workout regimens and gimmicky diets. But what really works long term can vary for different body types, personalities, and lifestyles. It is not going to happen overnight, so find something that works for you, be consistent, and settle in for the long-term solution. Let’s go over some different ideas and methods, and figure out the best and quickest way to get fit.

Working Out and Exercise

Weight Lifting: Weightlifting is a great way to lose fat and get fit. Muscle mass burns calories and fat even when you’re not working out. If you are female, don’t be concerned with getting too bulky. Those female bodybuilders you’ve seen take large amounts of steroids and bad supplements, dedicating all their time to weightlifting.

Combined with High-Intensity Interval Training (HiiT), or Tabata training, you are guaranteed to see quick results if you stay consistent. Make sure you eat right and get plenty of rest. Sleep is a huge part of building muscle mass, as this is the crucial time when your muscles rebuild after being torn down in the gym.

One of the best ways to lift weights is using “Supersets” and opposing muscle groups. For example, superset bench press back to back, together with bent over rows or pull-ups. Choose compound exercises like deadlifts and squats that work multiple muscle groups and engage your core. The biggest muscles in your body are your legs, followed by back, chest, abdomen, and arms. You can switch to isolation muscle training once you start to see improvements and get into a routine.

Tabata Training: Named after researcher, Izumi Tabata, Tabata training is a form of HiiT. The typical formula is 2:1 work to rest ratio. This type of workout was researched by the National Institute of Fitness and Sports in Tokyo. You can design your own workout and choose whatever exercises you want. The benefit of this type of workout is you can do it at home or in a park, and it doesn’t require any equipment. Body weight exercises like push-ups, body weight squats, jumping jacks, burpees, and mountain climbers are great options to consider. Together with weightlifting, this is a sure way to get into great shape fast.

HiiT: High-Intensity Interval Training or HiiT, is the best form of cardio available. It only takes 25-40 Minutes to get in a great workout, coupled together with weightlifting, will engage your body into a calorie burning machine around the clock. HiiT is high-intensity burst cardio, or body weight exercise with equal or longer periods of rest. The typical formula is 1:1 or 1:2 work to rest ratio; 5 sets of 20 seconds each exercise, followed by 1 and a half to 2 minutes of rest, 10 sets total.

HIIT and Tabata training is completely safe if used in conjunction with a weightlifting program. Do not do it everyday, as it should be combined with weightlifting for the best results. If you do this HiiT regularly on your “off days” from weightlifting, you will see dramatic, fast results in your fitness. Even when you are in a rest state this can enable you to burn large amounts of calories around the clock, while at work and asleep. This is referred to as “rested” metabolism.

Cardio: Cardio only burns calories while you are exercising, and can be hard on your joints. If you enjoy running, it should be supplementary to your main regimen of weightlifting and HiiT. For a much better approach, combine weightlifting and HiiT for maximum results.

Diet and Meal Planning

Crash course “diets” like no carbs is not realistic, and won’t work long term. Eat lean meats and consider going vegetarian or vegan. Keep meal portions small and eat often, every 2-3 hours is best but keep meal size to the size of 1 and half of your fists. Some say all calories are equal. While that may be true concerning how much energy they provide, consider carefully if you think candy or processed “junk” food is better and easier for your body to process and utilize, than foods such as nuts, vegetables, and brown rice.

Don’t skip breakfast, and try eating wholesome meals like oatmeal with cinnamon or peanut butter. This will keep you full throughout the first part of the day and help you kick-start your metabolism. When you eat, your gastrointestinal tract activates, starts digesting food, and absorbs nutrients. It costs calories throughout this process, so if you eat smart and clean, you will burn more calories.

Plan out your meals or cook ahead of time, so you can cut out craving and willpower. Empty calories that don’t contain many nutrients, like bread and white rice should be eaten sparingly. Try eating lots of brown rice, since it is more nutritious than white rice. Brown rice is a great staple and is high in fiber, magnesium, and other nutrients. Avoid fried foods and empty calories.

For protein, if you are a carnivore, eat lean meats like chicken and fish for most of your meals. Vegetarians and meat eaters alike, should eat lots of green vegetables, such as spinach, broccoli, and brussel sprouts—no hiding them under your spoon—as these vegetables contain large amounts of protein and calcium. Try eating vegetables raw, as this way you won’t destroy the enzymes they contain.

Cut out liquid calories. You’re not doing yourself any favors by drinking sugary or alcoholic beverages that are high in calories. Drink water and tea. Some believe that tea actually has fat fighting benefits, such as absorption of carbohydrates when taken with meals. There have been studies on this, such as in the Sept. 2006 “American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.” Tea has no calories, so if you can get into the habit of drinking green and black tea, you will surely see the benefits.

Try using every little bonus trick and tactic that might help engage your metabolism. Try using apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, hot sauce (capsaicin), and don’t cheat on meals, you will only be cheating yourself. We are creatures of habit, so set up positive routines, and commit to them. Drink lots of water and stay focused on the long-term goals you set. All meals should contain both protein and carbs. Protein to build muscle, and carbs for the fuel and energy you need to preform such intense workout sessions.

Mental Health

This is important; money cannot buy peace of mind or sound health. You should take a look at yourself, and find out what is going on inside. Self-reflection and looking within are big hurdles to cross, but you will see many improvements from admitting faults and being honest with yourself. Try a meditation and qigong exercise practice to improve your mind and spirit. Spirituality is a sensitive topic, so we will recommend a free practice to you and keep this section short.

I have heard of many health and moral benefits from the practice of “Falun Gong” or Falun Dafa. It consists of 5 gentle slow-moving exercises to increase energy and purge bad elements from your body. You can learn the 5 exercises from the online video and greatly benefit from the free books called Falun Gong and Zhuan Falun.

Falun Gong is an ancient form of qigong and the books will give you a systematic way to improve yourself. Follow the link below to learn more, you will find many answers to life’s questions and discover something new each time you read through the book. You can find the books and exercise instruction free at


Not all body types are created equal, you don’t have to look a stereotyped way to be in good health. Find a program that works for you and give it 110 percent. Be consistent, and dedicate yourself to your fitness. You will save yourself much long-term grief such as hospital bills, depression, anxiety, and feeling drained if you stay health conscious.

You get out what you put in. You can’t say a program doesn’t work until you’ve honestly followed it and done all the little things that may seem insignificant at the time. Any workout is better than no workout, so get active, and start your fitness and health journey today Do your own research, and find a genuine interest in seeking better ways to improve yourself. You can refine and perfect your training as you go. You will develop self-discipline, mental strength, will-power, and physical well-being. What is most important is getting started and staying consistent. Dedicate and commit yourself, stay strict and track your progress. Good luck

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