Listen To the Song of the Sunflowers When Woman Switches On Record

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What do you think the sound of flowers singing would sound like? No doubt it would “heavenly.”  Well, now it’s been proven that plants and trees have their own unique form of communication. 

It was discovered that plant’s sounds are too low or high to be heard without specialized devices.  In an exciting new development, it was observed that the kingdom of Flora respond to one another’s other’ vibrations. It appears though they communicate with one another through their roots. This is the way plants share information.

Using a microphone and her phone, a woman recently recorded the sounds made by the sunflowers she has growing in her garden.

She was astounded at the melodic sounds that her sunflowers were producing.

What had previously looked just ordinary sunflowers, now suddenly, “came to life!”

It sounded like music — like a bow being drawn against a violin or the sound of a finger being rubbed around the edge of glass!

Like a clip out of an animated Disney musical, she could hardly believe her ears!

Listen to the symphony of the sunflowers in the video below

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